Q: What is the Naxos Video Library?
A: Naxos Video Library is a performing arts video library with over 3702* operas, ballets, documentaries, concerts, masterclasses, competition and musical tour videos as well as footage taken from recording sessions. It includes productions from Opus Arte, Naxos, BelAir Classiques, C Major, Christopher Nupen Films, DakApp, Digital Classics Distribution, Dynamic, EuroArts, Global Television, Golandsky Institute, Hänssler Classic, ICA Classics, iClassical Academy, Ideale Audience, K&K Verlagsanstalt, Lyrichord, Marco Polo, Music in Motion, Reina Sofía School of Music, Seventh Art Productions, San Francisco Symphony, Hannover International Violin Competition, TMW Media Group, Unitel, Videoland and others. The Library is being updated continuously to offer the best selection of performing arts videos. *As of 19th Apr,2022

Q: What are the key features and benefits?
A: Naxos Video Library offers a fine selection of studied works performed by some of the world's leading artists and groups. A sophisticated search engine allows users to search by composer, production, artist, venue, role or genre. Titles can also be browsed by categories such as opera, concert, Ballet & Dance, Masterclass & Lecture, competition etc. Playlists with customized clips from any videos can easily be created for educational use or for hours of continuous enjoyment. Booklets are included with valuable information about the works, artists and composers. New releases are continuously added to provide the best selection and quality of performing arts videos.

Q: What are the main benefits for academic institutions?
A: Naxos Video Library allows students to see world-renowned musicians performing studied works. Playlists enhance students' grasp of key sections of works. Students have access to the entire library and institutional playlists created by teaching staff, on or off campus, around the clock. Multiple users can access the same video or different videos simultaneously. At lectures or in classes, teachers can choose from a great selection of titles with just a few clicks.

Q: Can I access the Naxos Video Library at home or from any computer?
A: Subscribers can access Naxos Video Library with a username and password from any computer with an internet connection and the specified system requirements. If the subscribing institution requests IP-authenticated access only, their users simply access through the institution’s website, usually via their library portal.

Q: How is it priced?
A: Naxos has built its reputation on providing affordable access to high-quality music. Naxos Video Library is a continuation of the same concept. An institution simply purchase a number of simultaneous-user license (with a minimum of five). The more simultaneous users purchased, the more cost effective it will be per user.

Q: Who pays the collection societies for the use of the copyrighted works?
A: Naxos pays licensing fees to labels / producers and collecting societies for offering the contents on the service to be streamed by subscribers. However, subscribers to Naxos Video Library do not have the right to publicly perform the contents (for example, in student performances or other public spaces).

Q: Do we need any licenses or agreements to play the music in classrooms?
A: No. Not in your lecture / class. The Fair Use Policy of your organization, institution or local performing arts societies govern how you can use content that is in copyright.

Q: Can I have a free trial subscription?
A: Yes, if you are a librarian, a music industry professional such as a journalist, or an executive staff member of a performing arts organization, we are happy to offer you a free trial. Please contact our sales team in your country: https://www.naxosvideolibrary.com/contact_us

Q: How does the Naxos Video Library work?
A: Naxos Video Library streams content using HTML 5 Player.

Q: What are the hardware and software requirements?
A: Our HTML5 player is supported in the following browser versions:

  • Windows 7+
    • IE 9.0 +
    • Firefox: 65 +
    • Chrome: 65 +
  • OS X 10.6+
    • Safari: 12 +
    • Firefox: 65 +
    • Chrome: 65 +
  • iOS 10+
    • Safari: Recent versions
    • Chrome: Recent versions
    • Firefox: Recent versions
  • Android 7.0+
    • Default browser ("Internet"): Recent versions
    • Chrome: Recent versions
    • Firefox: Recent versions

Q: In what format is the video streamed?
A: The videos are streamed via HTML 5 Player.

Q: What is the video quality of your contents?
A: Our video files are streamed at 2Mbps which is comparable to the quality of a DVD. On the rare occasion that users find their bandwidth not adequate to support this, they can switch to standard quality which streams at 700Kbps.

Q: Can I fast-forward the video?
A: You can skip to any point in the video with a click of the mouse. Clicking at any point on the player bar will immediately advance the video to that point.

Q: How do I enlarge the video screen?
A: Click on the small square icon at the bottom right corner of the player to enlarge the video screen.

Q: Can I start the video at a particular scene or aria?
A: Yes. Click on the Chapters tab further down the webpage and select one to be viewed. All scenes are listed below, and each line is a link to that particular scene. Click on any scene to start the video at that point.
Select Show Chapters immediately under the video screen to see where each chapter/scene ends and another begins. Clicking on any part of the player bar will immediately start the video at that point.

Q: Can I see subtitles?
A: If subtitles are available for a video, an icon with three dots at the bottom right corner of the player is displayed. Click on it to select the language of the subtitle desired.

Q: Can I see subtitles in one language and libretto in another?
A: Yes. Selecting the subtitles (if subtitles are available for a particular title) and libretto (using the Libretto/Text tab to the right of the video screen) are done separately.

Q: The libretto only shows one act. How do I view the libretto for the whole opera?
A: The libretto appears in the Libretto/Text tab one act at a time. When watching Act One, only Act One's libretto will appear in the Libretto/Text tab.

Q: Where can I find booklets?
A: If booklet is available for a video, under Cast tab there’s a link to download it.

Q: How do I view a playlist?
A: Click the Playlists tab in the top menu bar. Click the Open this playlist link to open/play any playlist.

Q: How can I search and browse the Naxos Video Library?
A: An easy-to-use Keyword Search and a sophisticated Advanced Search are available on Naxos Video Library: Keyword Search box can be found to the right of the top menu bar; Advanced Search offers a combination of criteria such as Category, Role, Work, Composer, Artist, Venue, Festival, Title and more.
The Composers tab lists all composers with their biographies and works available on Naxos Video Library. It works the same with the Artists tab, which lists conductors, artists, orchestras, Ensembles, Dance Companies and Choirs.
Users can also browse videos under Labels / Producers tab. It lists the complete holdings of each label / producer.
Production Personnel tab displays complete lists of choreographers, costume designers, stage designers, stage director and television director.

Q: Can I set the default search page and streaming rate?
A: Yes. Administrators can select the Home page or Advanced Search page as the default when logging in.

Q: How do I log in?
A: There are two options.
1. Go to www.NaxosVideoLibrary.com, type in your username and password, and click the Login button.
2. Institutional subscribers may need to first visit a different website, such as the institution’s library page. Please check with your librarian.

Q: What is IP Authentication?
A: IP Authentication is a feature for on-campus use at academic institutions. A dedicated URL will be created for your institution. You will then be able to access Naxos Video Library without additional login because you are authenticated via the computer's IP address range, indicating that you are within the premises of the institution and therefore, an authorized user.

Q: How many simultaneous users can access the library?
A: There is no limit to the number of simultaneous users per subscription. You decide how many user spaces you wish to purchase. Our sales representatives are happy to help you choose the best subscription package for your university or organization.

Q: Is it possible to download the videos or burn them to a CD or DVD?
A: It is not possible to download or burn any videos from the Naxos Video Library which is a streaming service.

Q: How reliable is the service?
A: Naxos Video Library’s content are for streaming online. The quality of the service is dependent upon the quality of service provided by your local Internet Service Provider. Naxos makes every possible effort to ensure that its servers have sufficient capacity and adequate rate of connectivity to provide each customer with a quality of service comparable to current standards in the industry. Maintenance is performed at times of low usage and will be announced in advance.

Q: What technical support do you offer?
A: Naxos Digital Services offers round-the-clock email support.
USA and Canada: NMLHelp@NaxosUSA.com
Subscribers OUTSIDE the US and Canada: Customer.Service@Naxos.com

Q: How can I get my usage statistics?
A: You can view your usage statistics in the "My Account" section. Please note that this is only available if you enter from www.NaxosVideoLibrary.com using your administrator username and password. There is a button under My Account labeled "Usage Stats". Click this tab, and you will arrive at a page that allows you to view detailed usage statistics live.

Q: We recently purchased new computers at our school. Now they cannot access the Naxos Video Library through the link that we normally use. How do we fix this?
A: When you add new computers to your network, please make sure that you update their settings based on the NVL technical specifications. You may contact your institution’s administrator to add your IP ranges through the Manage Account page. You may also send your list of IP ranges to Naxos staff (see relevant email address at the bottom of this page) if you wish for our assistance to update your IP addresses.

Q: How do I create a playlist?
A: Select any video within the Naxos Video Library and click the Add to Playlist tab below the video screen. To add just a selection to a playlist, click the Add clip to playlist tab. Enter the start and stop time of the clip, or allow the video to play and click the Start and Stop buttons at the beginning and end of a clip you would like to add to your playlist. Once a start and stop time has been entered, click Add Clip to Playlist and use drop-down bars to select a playlist to which the clip should be added. Please see instructions below the Add to Playlist feature from the User Guide page. Please Note: Only professors and administrators can create and edit playlists in Naxos Video Library.

Q: I am a professor and I would like to view static URLs. How can I do this?
A: First, make sure that you are logged in with the professor username and passport, then click on the Playlists tab in the menu bar. Next, click on Show Static Links. The static URLs to all clips and playlists will be displayed below each clip or playlist title.

Q: Once I have finished using the service, can I exit by just going to another website?
A: : When a user logs in to Naxos Video Library and fails to log out properly, the user space remains in use for up to an hour before timing out. Subscriptions are based on number of simultaneous users purchased, and another user might be unnecessarily turned away if all user spots are registered as filled. The user space will open up after a time-out period has been reached. The time-out period is varied for different types of subscriptions. In the case of an institution, it is set by the administrator. Please ask all users to log out using the following process: Click the Profile icon found beside your name on the upper-right side of the page then click the Log-out option.

Q: Can I use the Naxos Video Library in a language other than English?
A: : Currently, the Naxos Video Library website is only in English; however, subtitles and libretti could be available in over 5 languages if available.

Q: Why am I getting the message "You are not authorized to view this page"?
A: This message means that you are entering from an Internet location which is not included in your institution's list of valid IP addresses.
If you are on campus: Please notify your librarian. If you are off campus:
If you are off campus: Please make sure that you are logging in through your school/institution's website. Off-campus login is different from on-campus login. If you are unfamiliar with your institution's login procedures, please contact your librarian. If your librarian notices a problem with off-campus access, please contact Naxos via NMLHelp@Naxos.com (for US and Canadian institutions) or Customer.Service@Naxos.com.

Q: Why am I getting the message "The maximum number of simultaneous users has been reached......"?
A: Each subscription allows a certain number of users to be logged in at one time, and this message appears when all spots purchased are currently in use. If you are logging in through a school or institutional subscription, other patrons from your institution may be using Naxos Video Library at the same time. If you receive the "maximum users" message, please try again later. You may want to report this to your librarian if this happens often, and suggest for an increase in the number of user spaces purchased.

Always click the Logout button at the top right of the screen when you finish using Naxos Video Library to ensure that your user spot opens up immediately. Closing the browser or going to another site without clicking the logout button will keep your user space occupied until the session times out which prevent you or other users from logging in.

Q: What do I do if I get the message "Login Failed......"?
A: Please email NMLHelp@NaxosUSA.com or Customer.Service@Naxos.com with your full name, username, password and error message.

Q: Why do I get the message "Sorry! Your license has expired."?
A: It is likely that your subscription to Naxos Video Library has expired. If you access Naxos Video Library via a subscription from an institution, please contact your librarian or the relevant personnel in the institution.

Q: How do I make a copy of my screen and send it to Customer.Service@Naxos.com?
A: For Windows:
(1) Press the PRINT SCREEN key on the right of your keyboard. You will not see anything until you complete step (2) below.
(2) Open a new Word document, and then press the PASTE key (or CTL + "v").
(3) Save the Word document, and email it to Customer.Service@Naxos.com.
For Macs users:
Please follow the relevant steps in the following hyperlink